Bold steps Nabil Ahmad

IF viewed on the momentum of a popular celebrity career, many of which certainly can guess that the comfort and pleasure of surfing Nabil in his life as a child more likely to art of hosting.

Given the opportunity and the confidence is very high for the hosts programs of big brands, Nabil viewed as too difficult to give up the excitement of becoming a lawyer instead of acting.


Maybe it was an advantage for comedians seem where the demand for continuous control of the program did not give much less intelligent Nabil stealing scenes and attempt to change the monotony of the atmosphere full of energy and full of laughter.

So perhaps the answer is obvious why Nabil has not been seen busy in the world of acting which, arguably quite a while Nabil does not appear in any film project, drama or telefilms. The most recent was a Bo-Peng films through acting together Zulin As’ari Johan Aziz and will be screened on December 22.

Commenting on this matter, said the 33-year-old comedian, of course he did not mind if the bids do no more for him after this, as he has drawn up its own strategy. “Bo-Peng will be my last film.


That means that the last issue I’m acting under others. God willing, if there is no objection, I will publish the movie itself that will involve me as an actor and script writer, “he said.

Rejecting that he just wanted to shock himself, said Nabil, what is the continuing desire to try something new out of this comfort zone. “Actually, I am in the process of building its own production, it is still very, very new and last week I was already registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

“Indeed, I wish to develop my career as a publisher as well and therefore I had to say earlier that I probably would not take the offer is acting under the production of others.

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