More tourist hotspots in Penang and Langkawi

The Penang state government and Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) will join forces to beef up the country’s tourism competitiveness to make Malaysia a destination of choice in the region.

Penang State Executive Councillor for Tourism and Creative Economy (PETACE), Yeoh Soon Hin said both Penang and Langkawi were among the tourist hotspots with the former being steeped in cultural heritage and the latter offering pristine nature and splendid beach activities.

“If we work with the other states and entice travellers to visit other Malaysian destinations, we will see the traveller’s expenditure and spending being retained within Malaysia, which will have economic effects on our tourism ecosystem and local communities.

“People always see Pena

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Fin-tastic! Growing ‘mermaiding’ subculture makes a splash

There was a pivotal moment in Queen Pangke Tabora’s life that eclipsed all others: It was the moment, she says, when she first slid her legs into a mermaid tail.

For the transgender Filipina woman approaching middle age, seeing her legs encased in vibrant, scaly-looking neoprene three years ago was the realisation of a childhood dream.

And it marked the beginning of her immersion into a watery world where she would find acceptance. The former insurance company worker described the experience of gliding under water, half-human and half-fish, as "meditation in motion”.

"The feeling was mermai-zing,” Tabora said one recent morning while lounging in a fiery red tail on a rocky beach south of Manila, where she now teaches mermaiding and freediving full-time.

"The world outside is really noisy and you will find peace under w

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Save the oceans, ‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa urges

The star of the hit Aquaman film on Sunday (June 26) called for the world's oceans to be protected, on the eve of a long-delayed UN conference on the issue.

"The ocean needs us," Jason Momoa said. "Without a healthy ocean life, our planet as we know it would not exist."

"We must seek to right the wrongs we have done against our children and grandchildren, turn the tide on our irresponsible stewardship and build a moment for a future where humanity can once again live in harmony with nature."

Hawaiian-born Momoa, who portrays Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe movies, was speaking at a youth gathering outside the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

They were joined at the Carcavelos beach by Portugal's President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and t

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Would you dine with the fishes in a submarine?

Could the ultimate dining experience one day be sitting down to a meal in close quarters with underwater marine life? A manufacturer of submersible vehicles plans to push back the limits of the restaurant experience with its new class of entertainment submarines.

From menus to tables and a bar, there’s everything you’d usually expect to find in a restaurant, except that here, the room is submerged 200m underwater. Dining in a submarine promises to be a surprising new experience – one that claustrophobic foodies and tourists might want to avoid – thanks to an unusual project from the Dutch company, U-Boat Worx.

The firm, which develops underwater vehicles for scientific or tourism-related applications, has designed a 150sq m underwater entertainment

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Voice behind Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith reveals 24-year battle with bulimia

American actress Yeardley Smith, the voice behind cartoon character Lisa Simpson, has revealed a decades-long struggle with bulimia that began when she was a teenager.

The 57-year-old Smith, who has been a voice actor on The Simpsons animated television show since it debuted in 1989, opened up about her experience during an interview on American podcast Allison Interviews.

In the episode, which went live on June 21, Smith said: "I had an eating disorder for 24 years ... from the time I was 14 till 39."

While she did not go into specifics of her disorder, she did label it as bulimia, which is characterised by binge eating, followed by purging.

The impending milestone of her 40th birthday was what jolted Smith into getting he

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After two years, Festa San Pedro returns to Melaka’s Portuguese Settlement

Thousands of visitors and revellers are expected to descend on Festa San Pedro 2022 at the Portuguese Settlement in Ujong Pasir, Melaka for the first time in two years.

The long-running festival, which happens from June 29 to July 2, commemorates the Feast Day of St Peter, the patron saint of the fishermen.

It also highlights the traditional significance of fishing trade and culture to this coastal community, known as the Kristang people. There are about 1,500 people living in the Portuguese Settlement.

Fishing was once an important source of income for this once impoverished Kristang community, which resettled from other parts of Melaka and made the Portuguese Settlement their home in 1933. The settlement, buil

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Hollywood companies vow to pay travel costs for abortions

Walt Disney Co., Netflix, Sony Pictures and Paramount Pictures are among the Hollywood companies that are stepping in to help employees who will need to travel for abortion care in the wake of the US Supreme Court overturning the landmark 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision last Friday.

The entertainment companies - and the SAG-AFTRA union, which represents performers and broadcasters - vowed that they would reimburse travel to other states for employees in areas where abortion and other pregnancy care is limited by the decision. Walt Disney told employees Friday it recognised the impact of the ruling.

"We remain committed to providing comprehensive access to quality and affordable care for all of our employees, cast members and their families, including family plan

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Malaysian Tamil cinema eyes OTT platform for greater reach

Malaysian Tamil cinema which is gradually gaining momentum in the country has plans to showcase its content on Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms, namely Netflix and Amazon Prime, to venture beyond the local market and earn global recognition.

Local movie producer Magendran Raman from Vikadakavi Production Sdn Bhd, said this initiative is necessary as local Tamil movie content has been improving in recent times, with many of the global audience watching and experiencing different kinds of content.

"If given the opportunity, I would prefer showcasing my local Tamil movie content on Netflix as it is a good platform ... theatre is only for pride. We need to know who is handling Netflix in Malaysia for us to showcase our content," he said in an interview to promote l

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Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son reverses Lamborghini into BMW during test drive

Ben Affleck's son Samuel accidentally backed a Lamborghini into a parked BMW in a luxury car rental dealership on Sunday (June 26).

The 10-year-old, who is the youngest of three children the actor shares with actress Jennifer Garner, was unhurt in the minor incident, which was caught on video by paparazzi.

A representative for the 49-year-old actor-director, told People in a statement: "There was no damage. Everyone is OK."

Affleck's fiancee Jennifer Lopez, 52, was sitting behind the driver's seat of the car with its engine running, when he let his son take over the wheel.

That was when the fender bender occurred, according to reports on various entertainment sites.

Samuel was later spotted walking away while holding Lopez's

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Japanese beer brewery makes jeans out of waste from the brewing process

Hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, Japan's Sapporo Breweries is trying to win over new customers, not by launching a new beer, but by selling its own next-generation jeans. To everyone's surprise, the famous beer-maker has turned to upcycling to transform waste from the brewing process into a genuine fashion creation.

Many industries have been forced to reinvent themselves during – and after – the pandemic, to reconnect with their customers and to attract new ones. But no one expected a Japanese brewery, Sapporo Breweries Limited, to start making jeans.

However, such is the new niche of the beer specialist, which caused a sensation when it unveiled these fashion items made from brewing waste from its flagship beer, reports the business daily Nikkei Asia

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