Celeb Twins in Singapore Who Have The Looks and Talent

Actresses Hayley and Jayley Woo, both 24

Looking like a carbon copy of another actress can shrink the pool of jobs available to you.

The Woo twins have overcome that obstacle and are booking a steady stream of jobs on both the small and big screen.
This year, older twin Hayley is in love-themed anthology movie 4Love and Channel 8 TV series such as Fire Up and 118 sequel.

Mediacorp-signed Jayley is on Channel 8 dramas such as The Queen and Peace & Prosperity. She also made it to the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes at this year’s Star Awards. The twins have also used their identical looks to their advantage by playing twins in local film That Girl In Pinafore (2013).

Miko and Yumi Bai of girl group By2, both 24

The twin teens with a dream dropped out of school to pursue a singing career, forming the duo By2 almost a decade ago. They went on to release six albums, spanning from their debut album 16 Underaged (2008) to their latest offering Cat And Mouse (2016).


All grown up, the girl-next-door lasses have transformed into sexy sisters flaunting their hot bods, photogenic good looks and jet-setting life on social media.


Unfortunately, the music career of the Beijing-based duo has been overshadowed by romance and plastic surgery rumours.

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