China’s First Disabilities Winter-Sports Festival Held in Beijing

China held the first winter-sports festival for the disabled people over the weekend, with more than 300 people hitting the slopes in Yanqing District of Beijing.

The event was held, at what will be the ski center of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which has been kitted out with fully accessible facilities including ramps and lowered cable cars.


A number of ski enthusiasts took to the slopes accompanied by professional coaches such as Liu Wei.

“It is not easy for us to keep balance with only one leg at the extreme speeds of alpine skiing. The experience of skiing made me more confident, to myself as well as to my body. I think this is helpful for my life in the future.”

The festival is to hold more than 20 events, including beginning skiing lessons for both disabled and able-bodied skiers.

The Winter Paralympic Games is to be held directly after the 2020 Winter Olympics and will include alpine skiing, wheelchair curling and para-snowboarding.

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