Iggy The Iguana Is The Surprise Star Of The 2017 Miami Open Tennis Tournament

 Monday, 27 March 2017 : An iguana bizarrely interrupted play at the Miami Open tennis tournament on Wednesday.

Officials halted the first-round game between Germany’s Tommy Haas and the Czech Republic’s Jiri Vesely for several minutes after the reptile invaded the court and clambered onto an electronic scoreboard.

Haas snapped a selfie with the critter before stewards tried to grab it with a towel. But the animal wriggled free and sprinted across the court, climbing onto a second scoreboard.

As the crowd cheered, officials successfully scooped up the iguana ― who they’ve since named “Iggy” ― and finally removed it from the arena.

Once play resumed, 23-year-old Vesely went on to win the match. Haas, 38, later suggested the animal may have come to see him play his final match at the tournament, since he’s thinking of retiring at the end of the season.

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