Kelantan Pas government carefully Kafa crisis

TUMPAT – The Kelantan government will examine in depth before making a decision on the funding of RM15 million is needed by the Kelantan Football Association (Kafa) to allow The Red Warriors continue to compete in the Malaysian League (M-League) next season. 


Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob said it was up to the Chairman of Youth, Sports and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Datuk Abdul Fattah Mahmood to assess the matter.

“Although the state did not take over Kafa, explain why the liability is too high it needs to be done, especially to sponsor the team. Any individual who wants to become a sponsor of the Kelantan football team we support,” he told.


At the same time, Ahmad reiterated that not willing to take over the presidency Kafa, even though many people wanted him to do so.

He said, although he declined the post, does not mean the government of neglecting the development of football in this country.

“Even before the government cut the levy, and recently cut again to 10 per cent levy, we also do not directly impose entertainment tax. Players will also be celebrated every time they win a trophy with umrah and other donations,” he said

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