Kelantan withdraw from the M-League 2017

KOTA BARU: The Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) decided to withdraw because they could not provide sufficient funds for the management of the Kelantan squad to face League seasons M 2017.


KAFA secretary, Datuk Ismail Md Noor, said the special meeting of the executive council held last night KAFA has taken a consensus that Kelantan was not able to and had to pull out next season.

However, he said, the final decision will be made through an extraordinary congress held on December 29 later in the event of a miracle to change the original decision. “The decision to withdraw was made after a detailed briefing from the treasurer KAFA because until now we still failed to get the funding to any party.


“Continuous efforts have been made by KAFA to find funding so far failed and were deadlocked. We are only able to continue Liga M if any rescue was present at the last moment,” he said when contacted.

Datuk Ismail said KAFA requires a minimum of RM3 million to set up a team and RM12 million for financing the cost of managing a team throughout the year.

He said the ability to join the league KAFA M depends on the extent to which the amount of financial sponsorship and team management costs and so far they only received RM800,000.

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