Many luxury houses buyer in China are younger female

Monday, 13 February 2017

Beijing: Magnates who scoop up luxury houses worth more than 10 million yuan (RM6.4 million) in Beijing are becoming younger than ever, with many buyers being female.

New bourgeoisie born into Internet and finance industries replaced the rich in the energy industry as the main force in last year’s booming luxury house market in Beijing.

According to data from Maitian Real Estate Agency Co Ltd, among Beijing’s female house buyers in 2016, 17.3% paid more than 10mil yuan for a house, and less than 5% paid more than 20 million yuan (RM12.8 million), of whom more than half of them paid in full in a single purchase.

The data shows the highest payment of 85 million yuan (RM54.8 million) came out of the hands of a woman less than 30 years old, who bought a single family villa within the North Fourth Ring Road.

Those who moved from small houses into big houses propelled last year’s house market.

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