New QLED Series by Samsung launched

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

PARIS: With a truly colourful event in every sense of the word in the city of love, electronics giant Samsung took a leap forward in TV viewing with the launch of its new QLED series.

The designer TVs, which have been hotly awaited for months, bring a new dimension to TV watching — you no longer just watch TV, you experience it. And the TV is no longer a set that sits in the living room, it is a part of a lifestyle design.

The QLED series uses a new technology involving quantum dots and nanotechnology, which allows colours to remain perfect no matter what the surrounding light, be it in bright sunlight or a darkened room.

“This puts an end to the debate on picture quality,” says HS Kim, president of visual display business at Samsung Electronics. “We have achieved 100% colour performance. Now, it’s beyond TV.”

The Q series comes in two sizes, 55in and 65in, is are paired with stands that themselves are special features.

For instance, the gravity stand allows the TV to swivel so the viewer can watch from anywhere in a room while the studio stand is an easel like contraption that allows the owner to put up the TV at any place in a room.According to the designers there is “no exaggeration” which just means everything is kept simple, with the cables and connecting wires all rolled into one and hidden in the stands.

The lone cable coming out of the TV is also a transparent one which makes it nearly invisible on a wall. So you can mount a TV flush to the wall with a home theatre system without any wire clutter.

As there are no dangling wires and no space behind the TV, it truly becomes an interior designer’s dream.

It could be called a work of art but that title should go to the other TV launched by Samsung on Tuesday — the Frame.

Samsung’s rationale is this: Most people watch TV for a few hours but for the other 20 hours or so, it remains a black sheet against the wall. With the Frame, it becomes an art decor.

Samsung worked with many artists to include their artworks with the Frame but you can easily add your own photos from your smart devices.

Light sensors, just like in the QLED series, help keep colours down when the lights change so a piece of art showing on the TV remains the way it should.

And it has motion sensors too, which allows it to go into sleep mode and change to an artwork when no one is watching TV. This uses very little electricity.

The frames of the TV can be changed. Although the original comes in basel, there are frames available in walnut, red and white to allow you to choose the border you want for your photo.

So instead of a huge black rectangle, you have a piece of art on the wall when you are not watching TV.

The Frame is really a work of art on display and it seems very fitting that Samsung should choose to launch it — and the QLED TVs — at the Louvre in Paris, which houses some of the best artworks in the world.

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