Riezman Khuzaimi end widower age

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor and businessman, Riezman Khuzaimi, 46, widower end the days when married women were nicknamed the ‘Iron Lady’, Datuk Normaziah Sheikh Mohamad, 47, in Shah Alam, Selangor, about 2pm yesterday.


Riezman say they do not intend to keep the ceremony, but it was small with only attended by about 40 members of the immediate family.

“Thank God everything is finished. Only the marriage ceremony we made privately to honor the request of their families,” he said, before a widower for two years. Earlier, Riezman once married to actress, Kartina Job, in 2001 but split in 2015.

They were blessed with two children, washing Afiq, 13, and Ruzain Nars, 8. Kartina also has another son from a previous marriage, Batrisya Tatiana, 21.


Regarding the special woman in his heart, the actors involved Normaziah described as a very humble man, although known as a successful entrepreneur in addition to full understand the nature of motherhood as well.

“He made me not feel awkward when his side face experience failure even household like mine makes us better understand each other,” he said.

Meanwhile, at the groom’s wedding ring hand with a dowry of RM300. No dowry or exchanging trays. The couple also will be celebrated in a hotel in Shah Alam on 24 December.

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