Style neelofa promoted the scarves

Kuala Lumpur: Actress Neelofa, 27, did not deny that he is using the popularity of drama Suri Hati Mr Pilot as a new marketing strategy to popularize the lid businesses.

According Neelofa, before styling scarves newest design in the play, he first discussed with the director and producer of the play, Michael Ang and Astro.


“I have got the consent of both parties. When I first remove the lid, not many people selling scarves scarves but after my successful business, many are following in my footsteps. When I use social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook to campaign and hold a tutorial veiled way.

“After more product lid in the market and people can not distinguish. So I use drama to promote a new way that has never been anyone. Actually, I tried it and did not think he had a very good feedback and I snapped the lid.


“I bring Warda character in the play is the dream of every woman’s character. Spectators look at a character and they make their idols Warda described as a successful, well-educated, quiet, stylish and a good wife. So many people want to be so any Warda Warda used in drama was a role model, “he said.

In addition to scarves, shirts worn Neelofa of workmanship several famous fashion designers also sold out.

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