Tattoo trend “Ink Body”

23 February 2017 :  The original tattoo art of Africa, mainly in the Ethiopian region of Africa, the indigenous pilgrimage of the local Bodi tribe and the Samoa tribe , The tattoo is very famous.

In Western society, those who like to put some novel patterns tend to speak a few not necessarily coherent Chinese characters, hobby cappuccino in Japan, sometimes from the tattoo teacher worship, hoping to leave the tattoo master of the works, some Japanese like floating painting and other ethnic tattoos.


Tattoo represents a person’s personality and beliefs, tattoos produced in the traditional tribal peoples of the world of Samoa traditional tattoo body decorated skin custom. That is, by the needle or tattoo machine in a part of the body left behind. Does not fade the pattern. Patterns or designsuch as animals, totem, scriptures, gossip and so on. Reflecting its aesthetic consciousness and religious ideas.


Realistic style, in recent years with the tattoo artists to improve the technology, the tool is more advanced, tattoo approximation of the skin surface of the painting. With the division of the type of painting, tattoo also appeared with a more sophisticated approach, similar to the three-dimensional real – realistic style.
As the original tattoo of the national totem sign, although in the tattoo clan everyone must do, but in time and age there are fixed requirements, that is generally adult into the community as the center, or from childhood, to hold adult Complete, or from the adult type, after a few years to complete.


Many people love the beauty of this pain, and carved tattoo on their own body. So that they have a new hope, new sustenance, new beginnings.

Tattoo is the form of body art, is a beautiful, mysterious, sexy and charisma of the symbol, but also a unique personality and self vividly reflected, but also the performance of personal beliefs.

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