The bird flu epidemic is serious, South Korea first raised the highest alert level

The bird flu epidemic in South Korea is serious, the authorities for the first time on Friday raised the alert level to the highest level of “serious”, if necessary, will close any farm, South Korea since 2003, the largest avian flu.

The official said that the outbreak of the domestic history of the most serious avian flu epidemic, is currently killing a large number of infected flocks and other poultry animals, the official also pointed out that the epidemic is rapidly spread in the country.

The infection was identified as a highly contagious, highly pathogenic strain of H5N6, a new influenza virus that was stronger than the H5N8 virus in 2014 and was first reported in Korea.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food Affairs, said on Friday that the outbreak of H5N6 bird flu has spread rapidly and the epidemic spread in Yincheng and Jeollanam-do Hainan in the Chungcheongbuk-do Province.

The authorities have slaughtered more than 16 million poultry in the past month, Into, but with the winter after the birds fly to South Korea, increasing the difficulty of epidemic prevention work.



South Korea’s quarantine department said that the virus is currently not found through the interaction between poultry and human infection, but still beware of.

Kim said that the central emergency response headquarters has been set up to direct and supervise local governments to immediately kill infected poultry and carry out a comprehensive disinfection of the affected areas and, if necessary, to close the facilities in the aquaculture area.

In addition, field staff will be provided with antiviral drugs and personal protective equipment, and immediate assistance to farmers will be provided.


The average price of 30 eggs has soared to 6279 won (about RM24), as well as the operating costs of businesses, as domesticated egg prices have continued to rise due to culling of poultry. And animal vaccine manufacturers’ shares also rose sharply in the opening bell today.

Officials appealed to the public not to go to poultry farms in areas and migratory birds gathering, and hope that people actively cooperate with regional disinfection, restrictions on access and other preventive measures.

South Korea on November 16 for the first time to detect birds with H5N6 avian influenza, has found 53 cases, H5N6 avian influenza in China, there have been human infections lead to death cases.

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