Transport Minister hopes for 90 seconds MRT frequency

Thursday, 15 December 2016


PUTRAJAYA: Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai hopes that the frequency of the Mass Rapid Transit train service in the Klang Valley can be increased to every 90 seconds.

During his recent working visit to Moscow, he was very impressed with the underground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) service in the city, which could accommodate 8.5 million passengers per day with a frequency of every 90 seconds.

“The frequency of the MRT service is 1.5 minutes, so we don’t have to wait for long. We hope to also achieve the target,” he said in his speech at the ministry’s gala dinner here yesterday.

Based on measures being taken to improve the train services in Klang Valley, the target was achievable with the effort and cooperation of all relevant parties.

The frequency of the KTM Komuter service, for example, had been improved from every hour to half an hour and the latest was every 15 minutes.


The Klang Valley Double Track (KVDT) project would shorten the KTM Komuter waiting period to 7.5 minutes by 2019 and later to 3.5 minutes.

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