Truck gets stuck under easyJet plane at Manchester airport

Saturday, 4 March 2017


Air passengers have been disrupted after a truck got stuck under an easyJet plane at Manchester Airport.

It is understood the tug – the vehicle that pushes the aircraft on to the runway – became wedged underneath at around 6.30pm on Friday evening.

2 easyJet flights were delayed following the incident with the Copenhagen-bound plane.

It is believed a problem developed with the tow bar that connects the tug to the aircraft.

A spokeswoman for easyJet confirmed that flight EZY1985 from Manchester to Copenhagen had been delayed overnight.

All passengers disembarked normally and have been provided with refreshments and overnight accommodation.

A Manchester Airport spokeswoman said: “Earlier this evening there was an issue involving a tug during pushback with an aircraft on the airfield. This has now been resolved.

“There were some knock-on delays to a small number of flights and passengers but normal services have now resumed and no further delays are anticipated.”

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