Chief national coach Syed Hussaini Syed Mazlan said, is based on the current performance of both riders demonstrated the country in the race in recent years.


“The strength of their riders not only on the slopes but they also have a good climber riders. We also expect that the challenge is no less than the rider Philippines, “he said when asked to comment on the preparation of national competitors in the face of stiff resistance from forces other countries recently.

In connection with that, the slopes are selected in Bandar Baru Nilai able to give a slight advantage to the national team that has some good sprinter when heading to the finish line.


“For the mass start event, we will send riders training in Melbourne for stamina and speed. We will also participate in several races, including the Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) 2017 as a preparation.

“For the time trial, we intend to practice in Chiang Rai, Thailand, which is a high-altitude area perfect for endurance events. There we had the opportunity to review the strength of the Thai rider who underwent training at the same place, “said Syed Husaini.